Charlie Gill Photography

A little about me

I could blame addicting 80’s pop culture references, a fascination with abysmal horror movie special effects, a penchant for drawing, and the anxiety I got from Mickey Mouse. This odd combination of influences with only their nostalgia from childhood in common, gears me toward creating a body of work which reflects my inner pop culture nerd.  My experience comes from me taking up drawing at the early age of two (thanks to Crayola and wallpaper), and continually improving my left-handed scribble since.  I love working traditionally with paint, notably gouache, and digitally with Photoshop, Corel, and Sketchbook.  However almost every doodle starts out on a classic pencil sketchpad. No matter what  format I choose, I get inspired to capture life's strange grandeur whether it's fiction or non. 

-Sheena Dorton


Tarleton State University - B.S. Digital Media Studies with Design Emphasis

28 Years of drawing.

15 years of freelance work.