The Letter "R" is for Ruby...

It’s been a while since I posted but I’ve been busy getting this other side venture off the ground. I picked up a hobby of shooting wet plate collodion portraits and the learning curve is real, YO! As with anything I do, I wanted to have as much creative control as possible so I designed this bad-ass logo myself… In other words, I drew it…no font, I just doodled this shit. And I got it printed on business cards finally! Also the letter “R” …I hate the letter for it being a PITA to draw but the results are there and I am pleased with it. The frustration with this letter is a throw back to a poster I drew a couple of years ago. Never thought that it would haunt me again but alas… I once again survived the letter “R”.

You can check out my other website with my wet plate portraits here:

The letter “R” is a real bitch to draw. Drawn with Sketchbook Pro and Adobe Illustrator.

The letter “R” is a real bitch to draw. Drawn with Sketchbook Pro and Adobe Illustrator.

Iron Mace?

I was requested to create this for Mann Shorts Productions for one of their upcoming projects. I ended up creating a custom brush set just for the metal textures alone. The chain mail was also fun to draw. I finished it off with a glow brush just for fun. I used Photoshop and Sketchbook Pro. 


The Mighty Rat Slayer

Who doesn't love Charlie Kelly? When I was asked to do a custom play mat design I instantly thought of the rat stick... Yes the rat stick. What better way to pay tribute to his character than to include that gruesome weapon. Lucille-esque anyone? Illustrated with Sketchbook Pro and Photoshop.  


1960's Inspired Christmas Cards!

I don't know why I waited so long to post this but I drew our very first Christmas card! Inspired by alot of sixties retro art I made, Jojo and myself look as jolly as ever - Probably about as jolly as we'll ever get, haha. 


Power Max - Vintage inspired

My cousin Emily contacted me a while back looking for a logo for her dad's business (my great uncle Emil, btw). She gave me a few ideas and even mentioned using a spark plug in the design, only because it was random and kinda funny. We decided to use a lawnmower and I played around with the color scheme which ultimately ended up like this: 


Daenerys Targaryen

This was a little different for me but I like how her character is turning out. I just envy the brow goals set for by the mother of dragons herself. I might doodle Jon Snow or Cersei Lannister next.  Drawn using my phone with sketchbook mobile.

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Inspired Creepiness from Christine McConnell

My drawing style varies... It varies a lot. However, I enjoy the different results of my work. I drew these both with the same program (Sketchbook) yet the style of the first one started out onclassic pen and paper (later scanned into Sketchbook). The second one was entirely digital with more of a pulp art vibe. When its all said and done, both were incredibly fun to work on. 

Her actual cat appears in the mystic globe of secrets....

Her actual cat appears in the mystic globe of secrets....

Knives are always fun to play with. Just be sure to clean them afterwards.

Knives are always fun to play with. Just be sure to clean them afterwards.


I started this a while back and decided today to add the finishing touches (with a bit of typography) to my rendering of Nikola Tesla. I love experimenting with font styles and went back in time for this one. Created with Sketchbook Mobile.


The Pin Up Doll!

Here I drew the lovely Pin Up Doll! (@the.pinup.doll) As a retro fashion lover myself, she makes it a point to look stunning as much as adorable, and is the epitome of the word pinup!  Created on my phone using Sketchbook Mobile.


Alien Burlesque

I enjoy the art of burlesque. I also enjoy scifi and aliens. Put them together and and you got a pretty seductive alien lady...who will probably eat your head right after her burlesque act. Created on my phone through Sketchbook Mobile.


Bad Feminist Work

Here are some designs I've worked on for various T-shirt projects. The fist started as a vector I drew then evolved into something resembling a gangster-like fist ring. My idea haha..

Then it evolved into my retro-esque alien ladies that resemble something out of a Hanna-Barbera cartoon ....

And lastly, my final design that says it all.

Bad Feminist Gang...

Liz Taylor if she existed in alien form.

A description of me basically.

I Love Lucy!

Who doesn't love Lucille Ball? After watching every episode of I Love Lucy growing up I have come to admire the funny lady quite a bit. I finally got around to drawing a portrait of her one night on my Galaxy Note 4... Yes that's right I doodle on my phone still. I'm liking how it's turning out. I found a great picture of her from her early years in film to start from. Still a while to go but I'm happy with the results so far... #progress


retro movie poster series: "In the movies by imagination"

I chose to recreate movie posters in this series because the objective of a poster is to entice the audience and getting them to want more of the full story. These center on memorable fight-or-flight moments in my life only offering a glimpse from my perspective. Influenced by many popular poster artists (Drew Struzan and Richard Amsel to name a few), I started with traditional hand painted concept art and transitioned them into fully digitized illustrations. Warm and vibrant colors are what memories are connected with so I chose a color scheme which best represented each design along with a film genre suited for the event. On the emotional spectrum, I convey some of my happiest moments to a few of my most terrified. My expressive reactions are what burned these memories into my mind and though illustration I create a visual memoir for everyone else to see. 

Final Rendering


Who doesn't watch Game of Thrones? I got inspired to do a little drawing while watching  Tyrion Lannister getting his revenge. I need to get around to finishing this before the next season comes out. More shadowing needed. And more Ice and fire.

The Rush of Roxi D'Lite

I love burlesque and this film has plenty of that in it. A set of poster concepts inspired by the 2012 film "Burlesque Assassins". On top of the tag line "Seduce and Destroy" this was a fun movie to watch. Roxi herself loved this concept :) 

Digital illustration